Stoners want THC to get high.
Patients want CBD to get well.

LeBlanc CNE is a medical cannabis grower and broker specializing in CBD-rich medical marijuana strains.

Marijuana growers in North America, Europe and elsewhere have one goal in mind: getting high. The more THC, the better.

Over time, the domestic gene pool shifted. The war on drugs drove growers indoors. Indicas don’t grow as tall as sativas and they have shorter flowering periods so sativas fell out of favor. Then breeders began creating hybrids. Heirloom (landrace) strains became less popular, if grown at all.

Today’s pot is often over 20% THC. In the pursuit of a good buzz other components including cannabidiol (CBD) have been lost.

CBD is responsible for many of the pain relieving and healing effects atributed to cannabis. While THC has medicinal value, it is often overshadowed by CBD. CBD-rich cannabis strains are rare and sought after by MMJ patients seeking relief.

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