whole plant, full spectrum

CiZL the Engine is feral Chinese hemp. CiZL the Engine is named after Coleman Whiting, LeBlanc CNE co-founder.

CiZL the Engine is truly unique. When genetically sequenced the results should that it has with no close relatives. You can see its relationship to other hemp cultivars in the Phylos Galaxy. CiZL the Engine stands along without lines to other hemp (or cannabis).

It grows incredibly tall with oversized leaves. It stands out from the crowd.

This is a monoicous cultivar that sequences like other hemp cultivars. While hemp botanically, it has atypical cannabinoid levels. The 2019 harvest tested at’s 2.9:2.2 THC:CBD, too hot to be legal hemp. Likewise the 2020 sample grown in Tacoma was also mixed THC & CBD. Both results inply that CiZL the Engine is a Type II cannabis sativa l. cultivar.

Another characteristic is it’s terpene profile. Some find the smell and taste unpleasant.

CiZL the Engine is being grown for R&D purposes to document its growth and characteristics.