Coleman John Whiting

Coleman John Whiting was a Seattle cannabis activist, actor, artist and co-founder of LeBlanc CNE, Inc. A loving and gentle soul, he is missed by all who knew him (and he was widely known).

Coleman made and shared CO2 oil and other preparations with patients without cost. He also helped distribute clones far & wide all across Washington State on a regular basis.

LeBlanc CNE carries on Coleman’s work to this day. When in doubt we ask ourselves #WWCW “What Would Coleman Want”. When we do, the answer becomes obvious. He inspired so many of us in the early medical marijuana days in Seattle. He transitioned into the legal recreational market before his death.

CiZL the Engine is a hemp strain unique to LeBlanc CNE named in Coleman’s honor. CiZL the Engine was the name he used as a hip hop artist.

What Would Coleman Want (Dope Magazine, Aug 2016)   •   Coleman’s obituary   •   Coleman Whiting IMDb

Coleman and Jerry Whiting

Coleman John Whiting

CiZL the Engine
04/01/92 to 05/16/16

Coleman Whiting on Parker Solar Probe

Coleman Whiting on Mars 2020