From Seed to Paper

plant hemp, make paper

Episode 6 Jerry is in Cleveland, land of his birth, for both family and work reasons. And by family we mean hemp business. Don’t forget that both Jonas and Jerry grew up in Cleveland, Shaker Heights to be exact, oh so many years ago.

If you’re into papermaking and in the 216, only one place comes to mind: The Morgan Conservatory in Midtown. LeBlanc has shared hemp fiber with them but Jerry and Tom Balbo hadn’t crossed paths until this trip. He got a tour of their garden where they grow kozo, paper mulberry trees. Morgan grows what they make.

Jerry swung by Praxis Fiber Workshop and introduced himself to Jessica Pinsky, having sent her hemp bast and madrone bark before. He also visited both of their dye plant gardens. They too grow what they use, indigo in their case. It was all he could do to keep from weeding on his vacation.

And speaking of fiber farms in CLE, Emily Pek at Frayed Knot Farm is a farmer Jerry met during his last trip to Ohio a couple of years ago. Emily has a flower CSA and grows flax. She’s active in the Fibershed community too. (Jerry confesses Emily is a personal role model of his. Pssst...don’t tell anyone.)

From Seed to Paper

Paper today leading up to textiles tomorrow.