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NW Leaf Hemp Column

How to Grow HempJerry Whiting writes a monthly column on industrial hemp and related topics in NW Leaf magazine where he shares his views and insights on the hemp industry as it unfolds.

The articles follow the hemp marketplace with a focus on the plant as an agricultural crop and its many applications from food to fiber to hempcrete. And of course, CBD from hemp.

You can read the current column at the top of the page. Our modest suggestion is to start at the bottom with the October 2018 column and binge read from start to finish. A story lurks within.

This is Jerry’s third year writing this column and he’s not done yet!

  July 2021  page 18   How to Grow Hemp (the right way)

  June 2021  page 18   Stop Growing Hemp

  May 2021  page 18   Hemp Primer 101

  April 2021  page 18   Collision Course

  March 2021  page 16   Hemp Isn’t Pot

  February 2021  page 20   Pack It Up

  January 2021  page 18   Wear Your Hemp!

  December 2020  page 18   Why Hemp Is Like A Petulant Little Child

  November 2020  page 14   Bad Memory

  October 2020  page 14   Survival Mode

  September 2020  page 18   Hemp Isn’t Black..Yet

  August 2020  page 14   How Hemp Can Benefit From the Pandemic

  July 2020  page 14   Hemp for CBD: the party’s over

  June 2020  page 14   Where’s All the Hemp Plastic?

  May 2020  page 16   Hemp in the Age of COVID-19

  April 2020  page 16   Sibling Rivalry

  March 2020  page 16   Hemp is legal. What’s next?

  February 2020  page 20   Eat Hemp!

this interview goes along with my Feb 2020 column:

  January 2020  page 22   Hempy New Year!

  December 2019  page 20   With Legalization Comes Regulation

  November 2019  page 22   Hempcrete: the new up and comer

  October 2019  page 18   Hemp In The Mainstream

  September 2019  page 24   Future Foods: the impossible burger beckons

  August 2019  page 18   Atisan Hemp (yes it’s a thing)

  July 2019  page 18   The Hemp Activist Consumer

  June 2019  page 16   Hemp For A Better World

  May 2019  page 16   Harvest ‘19 read, set, go...

  Apr 2019  page 16   Breeders & Seeders: it all begins with the plant

  Mar 2019  page 18   There’s No Such Thing As Biomass

  Feb 2019  page 16   Hemp’s Big, Corporate Problem

  Jan 2019  page 22   Hemp, Hemp, Hooray?

  Dec 2018  page 22   Hemp, CBD & Whole Plant Medicine

  Nov 2018  page 28   CBD Today: but tomorrow...?

  Oct 2018  page 48   Why Hemp Probably Isn’t What You Think It is

Leaf Life Podcast episode #7
Jerry was a guest on the Leaf Life Podcast, episode #7. Take a listen.