Diversity in the Hemp & Cannabis Industry

Reading this article, Where Are The Black Hemp Farmers, inspired LeBlanc to help jumpstart African-American farmers in the summer of 2020.

More recently, Project CBD has addressed Black hemp farmers or the lack thereof as well.

For a number of historical reasons people of color, women, LGBT and other communities are under represented in the growing legal cannabis and industrial hemp industries. POC have been targeted in the war on drugs and have suffered disporportionately as a result.

Jerry Whiting has addressed diversity or the lack thereof in the cannabis and hemp industries in public talks including a panel on diversity at Seattle Hempfest 2016-2018. Here are a sample of public talks and a podcast that deal with the the monoculture of the cannabis business.

  • Hempfest 2016 panel on Privelage & Inclusion, diversity in the cannabis industry.