Traditional Hashish


LeBlanc CNE’s hash is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional technique. This style of hashish has been made in nothern Africa and the Middle East for generations. Jerry Whiting has been making and sharing pressed kief hashish with friends and family for years. The good news is now you can buy it in dispensaries in Washington State. Our old school hash pastilles are made in partnership with Emerald Peaks.

In an effort to resmoke his youth, Jerry began making the kind of hash he enjoyed in the 70’s;: North African style pressed kief. This is a dry sift method, not the bubble hash popular today.

By freezing and then sifting cannabis flowers, the trichomes are separated from the plant material producing kief (kif). While kief is a perfectly wonderful non-solvent concentrate in and of itself, we go a step further and press the kief into hashish. They’re round with LB stamped in them. We call them pastilles.

We use cannabis grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers. We favor outdoor harvests grown by small artisan farms, many family owned. We do both single strain varietals and blends of select strains. In other words, we make what we ourselves want to enjoy and share.

I’m like someone in New Orleans throwing beads into the crowd during Mardi Gras. Pastilles of hash are something I’ve shared with friends'n'family for years. Now they’re available in 502 dispensaries in Washington State. - Jerry Whiting

We think our hash pastilles are unique. But don’t take our word for it. In December 2017 NW Leaf gave our Hindu Kush 19 out of 20 stars. Both our cannabis and hemp pastilles were featured again in the July 2018 issue of NW Leaf.

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